Brand consistency builds brand integrity

When done properly rebranding can be a game changer for your business visibility,
perceptions and growth. To achieve this it is important that your rebranding has a tangible return on investment and wider business value.

The recipe for branding success hinges upon defining a brand’s DNA

A clear personality that will build a relationship with its intended audience and define the way it is understood and interpreted. Whether it’s creating a new brand identity from scratch or developing an existing identity design as part of a rebranding exercise, I know how to create unique, inspiring and engaging brands.

There are two types of rebranding: one is Proactive rebranding and the other is Reactive rebranding. Proactive rebranding is done when a company recognises that there is an opportunity to grow, innovate, tap into new businesses or customers, and to reconnect with its users.

Reactive rebranding is done in a situation when the existing brand has be discontinued or changed. Possible reasons for such a action could be mergers & acquisitions, legal issues, negative publicity such as fraud, aiming to beat the competition, or create your own niche.

Understanding Rebranding

Rebranding is a much misunderstood and maligned term but when well executed it is to:
  • Focus on what matters to your audience
  • Define a compelling proposition  
  • Tell an engaging story
  • Position distinctively in your market 
  • Design a visual style that fits
  • Build a consistent business image