Who Am I

My name is Thomas Edward Cameron Smith, and I am at your service!

I am a highly driven individual who is trained and experienced in most aspects of Information Technology. My focuses of knowledge are in data security, systems architecture, telecommunications and software development best practices and methodologies. I have a passion for technology and enjoy;

High Quality Standards

Providing methodical implementations for digital governance on businesses within the financial and manufacturing sectors, I’ve written a number of policies to assist a variety of compliance teams.

Educated & Experienced

Having a pragmatical and evolving skill set within the information technology sector provides innovative and proven technical solutions for business development, intelligence, performance and productivity.

Modern Business Solutions

When it comes to technology, nothing ever stands still, business leaders must keep evolving to remain successful. Utilising the latest technologies to stay competitive within the market is not an option.

Inspection & Accreditation

Understanding digital governance within your organisation and how to achieve compliance inside the regulatory body auditing your industry can be tricky. I can provide a complete assessment of your business.

Innovation Through Technology Implementation

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Why Work With Me

Decades of Experience

Working with small to medium enterprises, and corporate institutions.

Understanding the low-level intricacies of business is an experience honed over time, which allows us to build and deploy high-level strategies that elevate the skill required to maintain a competitive edge within an industry constantly evolving.

Cutting-Edge Understanding

Modern technology requires an ability to adapt and overcome.

Adding value through technology is simple, but developing a technical solution that is able to react to fundamental business problems as and when they arrive is an art-form. Innovation is being able to think outside the box, and keeping a cool head.

Industry Professional

Always willing to acquire new knowledge and skill.

Dedication and hard work pays off, and with the advent of modern computer systems, information technology and the methodologies of integrated business management, the only successors will be those who dare to break the mold and lead by example.

Clear Analysis of Key Performance Indicators

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Tom is a very enthusiastic and hard working IT professional. His ability to think outside the box was invaluable to a number of projects we completed together. A true nerd, in the best sense of the word, he stays one step ahead of the norm with his innovative style.

Penny Kidman – Operations Management & HR Specialist

Thomas is a hardworking and naturally gifted individual. His forward-thinking attitude, coupled with his proficiency in various technical aspects, make him a vital part of every team he works in.

Toluwalope Oni – Lead at The Thread Group

Tom’s constantly evolving skill set is always ahead of the curve. I had the pleasure of working for Tom for three years in the Miles Smith IT Team and now count him as one of my best friends. Tom’s ability to consume technical information and apply it to real-world applications is unrivaled and always impressive. I can highly recommend Tom as he would be an asset to any team.

Paul Hirst – IT Systems Administrator

Thomas is very highly skilled in modern technologies and has been my most valuable source for anything that is technically challenging to me. He’s taken on and solved many problems with me and I shall continue to use his services and highly recommend him to my colleagues.
Thank you Tom, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Dr. Xuxin Mao – NIESR Principle Economist

Industry Insight With Business Intelligence

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