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How to Create a Live Streaming Service

Livestreaming is becoming more of a ‘thing’, with media companies tightening their rules and people separated from each other by lockdown. Here is how you can get your own service up and running within the hour on an Ubuntu server using Nginx and RTMP/RTMPS!

Drum & Base

An idea I had in early January of 2021 as my social feed began to quake with an unstoppable onslaught of people live streaming;Let’s get something together to try and support the Arts and Entertainment industry online! Music is a passion of mine and I wanted to use this opportunity to not only try to…

David Andrew Wardle

I created this website for an old work colleague who writes novels and short stories in his spare time.We opted for a simplistic user experience, and a design that reflected reading a book – with stylish page turning animations included! A long time ago … eating a Galaxy far, far, away I was not aware…


A selection of graphics and photographs.


Business presentations and consultation slides.

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